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Enable your customers to design their spaces with your products
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Your website, your brand & your products

Roomplanner is an easy-to-use design tool that can be embedded in your website. Your visitors can recreate their rooms at scale within minutes and decorate these with your own products. With a click of a button a plan can be shown in 3D so your customers will be able to see what your products look like in their own home. When an user is satisfied with the results they can save the design using their email address. Within minutes they will receive an email with some great 2D and 3D renders of their design and a shopping list of products that will link back to your website.

Creating a library

We can easily add existing libraries of 3D models to our tool or our team can even recreate 3D models of your products from scratch using the images and dimensions provided on your website

Seamless integration

Roomplanner is quick to set up and you can simply link from your website to a dedicated Roomplanner link to get started.

As Roomplanner is based on the Floorplanner platform, we also provide API’s that allows you to integrate Roomplanner even more seamless within an existing site and/or user management system. More info can be found at API documents.

Let customers play around with your products

It's fun, easy and free

Anyone can use Roomplanner because it intuitive and free for your customers.

The wizard guides them from the initial set up of a room and our Magic Layout will help your customer to get a room layout proposal within seconds which is shown in useful 2D (including dimensions and gorgeous 3D without any extra effort).

No login needed

Roomplanner can be part of your website available for any customer to start drawing their dream space all without the hassle of creating an account. They can save designs with via a customized form that requires an email address. This form also offers you a great way to offer promotions like a designservice, subscribing to a newsletter or receiving a brochure. Every saved design provides your sales team a new lead that they can follow up.

Export HD images

Once a customer has designed their space they can export images in HD quality. Capture their imagination by letting them see what your products will look like in their four walls!

No other platform gives you such great imagery within minutes!

Customized email

Once a customer has designed their space and saved it via their email address a customized email will be send to them.

This email will be branded with your logo and welcome texts and will contain a HD floorplan 2D image, a 3D dollhouse render and a product list of all your products used in the design with links to your website.

Monitor your leads

Leads are important. Qualified leads who have seen your products in their space - gold dust! Roomplanner provides your sales team with all the leads generated through new designs on your website complete with contact information. Handy graphs and tracking tables keep everything clear and simple so that you concentrate on selling a great product.

Assign leads

Working in a team? No problem. With our dashboard you can assign leads to the most appropriate person and monitor deal progress. All on top of offering your customers an amazing experience.

Follow ups

The best way to bring on new business is to follow up highly qualified leads. And that is exactly how Roomplanner will empower your sales team with all the crucial information all in one place.

Part of Floorplanner ENTERPRISE

Only the Floorplanner ENTERPRISE account gives you access to Roomplanner. Please visit our ENTERPRISE page for more information about this subscription. Or contact our sales team if you want te be informed further.

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